PPE Price Report
Sourcing PPE products from distributors and brokers is full of markups. Bulky helps make sure you get the real factory price for the exact product you need.
48 hour turnaround time.
3-5 vetted supplier quotes.
Quotes are valid for 5 days.
Fulfillment and logistics support.
PPE Factory Report
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Bulky gets detailed information about a factory's performance, certifications, and capabilities, to make sure it’s the right supplier for your PPE request.
5 day turnaround time.
Full certifications verification.
Complete legal background check.
Fulfillment and logistics support.
Need on-site support for your China PPE order?
We’ll keep you updated on your suppliers entire production process,
from raw material intake all the way to quality control inspections of your order.
What services are included?
Factory audit
Detailed conditions report
Photos of entire facility
HD video footage of production line
Certifications verification report
Quality control
Raw material verification
Machinery inspection report
Third-party product testing
Verify product quality meets specifications
Bulky ID information transparency
Fulfillment support
Freight booking and logistics
Customs clearance assistance
Quality issue resolution
Production management
$399 per day
The Bulky on-site service requires a minimum of 5 days to complete.
Having trouble getting
the PPEs you need?
Bulky’s dedicated PPE sourcing and supply chain experts are available to assist with your PPE procurement challenges and needs.
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