Simplify your PPE procurement process.
Find and verify suppliers, compare bids,
and manage your order, all-in-one place.
Make an informed decision about your manufacturers.
Get detailed information about each factory's performance, certifications, and capabilities,
to reduce risks with your order.

With a global network of over 1,500 vetted factories, Bulky helps you choose from the very best.
Quality is standardized
across factories on Bulky.
Bulky publishes the quality standards that
every factory in the network adheres to.

Our standards are open and use industry best practices, including Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) inspections.
Bulky raises the bar for
quality control in PPE sourcing.
Request on-site QC
Additional levels of quality control can be requested. An inspector will visit the factory during your production run to ensure quality standards are met.
Request audits
Get an in-depth audit of any factory including working conditions, hygiene, QC procedures, capacity, and product quality.
Issue resolution
Our team is here to help refund or remake production runs affected by quality issues. Bulky is here to operate as an extension of your team.
Understand your
fully landed costs.
Bulky is transforming the PPE industry by giving you full transparency into the base costs of each quote you receive, including a breakdown of every fee.

This helps you assess your relative spending on product unit costs, freight costs, production fees and services, so you can make better decisions.
Know how much is due,
and when.
Invoices from every manufacturer are centralized in Bulky so you can find them
all in a single location and standardized format.

Your payment terms are tracked in Bulky giving you visibility and predictability
on when each payment is due.
Purchasing PPEs has never
been more transparent.
Request quotes
Speed up your quoting process and reduce your error rate by leveraging detailed specifications data and pricing targets you set in Bulky.
Get live bids
Access a global marketplace of factories on Bulky. Track the full pricing process as top manufacturers submit their quotes to you.
See true base costs
Don't leave sourcing choices to distributors and brokers with opaque margins. Bulky shows you the true factory-direct pricing, so you know what you are paying for.
Track the status of your
PPE requests.
Get visibility into the status of all your personal protective equipment. Each phase is tracked in Bulky with milestones and status updates as your order progresses.

Keep your team in the loop as production
and shipping moves forward with real-time notifications.
Fully managed global freight shipping.
With Bulky, every shipment from a factory is booked and managed on your behalf, so you can benefit from our negotiated freight rates and aggregate logistics data.

See the detail on every shipment including estimated delivery date, carrier, status, tracking data, and bill of lading.
Ensure smooth deliveries with all your location data in one place.
Bulky goes beyond address data, helping
you store delivery details for every location, including receiving hours, key contacts,
forklift access, and more.
Simplify your accounting.
Bulky uses's secure payment infrastructure to route your payments to
manufacturers, using your preferred credit card or bank account.
ACH transfer
Connect your bank account to Bulky to process manufacturer payments securely through the platform and avoid credit card fees.
Add custom PO numbers
Add a reference ID or custom PO number from your ERP or accounting system to keep your data matched up in Bulky.
Billing contacts
Export invoices to PDF for your records, and automatically email PDFs and payment receipts to your accounting department.
We make buying PPEs from factories easy.
Get quotes right away from verified manufacturers
that best meet your needs.
Make a Bulky PPE request - it's free