COVID-19 Update
We understand many businesses, government organizations, and medical facilities are struggling to meet their rapidly changing needs as they deal with this unprecedented and frightening situation caused by COVID-19.

This is why in order to maintain high quality standards,
fast fulfillment, and responsive customer service,
we are currently invitation only.  

Please submit your information and we will be in touch
within 3 business days.
Why Bulky?
Manage every aspect of your PPE supply chain,
with smart end-to-end software.
Reduce your PPE costs with transparent,
manufacturer-direct pricing from vetted factories.
Work with PPE and supply chain experts who operate
as an extension of your team.
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Supply chain teams all over the world use Bulky to
source and purchase quality personal protective equipment.
We believe that a healthy supply chain operates on a foundation of trust.
That’s why we always show you the true costs from every manufacturer.
What's included with Bulky?
Factory network
Price transparency
Factories in every region of the world
Factories for all types of PPEs
Payment terms
Expert services
Dedicated account support
On-site quality control
Factory auditing
Production management
Freight booking and logistics
Quality issue resolution
Bulky ID QR codes give you instant, accurate information about your personal protective equipment.
Manufacturer details
Material specifications
Production details
Product certifications
Testing results
Fast re-ordering
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Frequently asked questions
How much does Bulky cost?

The Bulky platform is designed for enterprise supply chain teams, who spend a minimum of $100,000 annually on personal protective equipment. Pricing scales with your yearly PPE needs.

How does Bulky reduce my costs?

Bulky reduces your total costs of PPE procurement and supply chain management in several ways:

  • Bulky gives your company access to manufacturer-direct rates, backed by the volume and negotiating power of our membership base.
  • We intelligently match your needs to the ideal factories, speeding up your sourcing process, and reducing hidden costs such as long-distance freight and quality errors.
What countries can I ship to with Bulky?

Bulky offers access to factories around the world, and logistics capabilities through 135+ partners which enable you to ship affordably and quickly to almost any country.

Can I get product samples?

Yes! Bulky offers samples as well as prototyping capabilities to members of the platform.

As a member you can also send samples to Bulky. Our experts are capable of helping you replicate, modify, or source almost any personal protective equipment you have on hand.

What is Bulky?

Bulky is a platform where companies of all sizes can purchase raw materials, face masks, protective apparel, and other PPE needed for the battle with COVID-19 without worrying about quality, markups or scams.